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Expert sea freight shipping, transport consultancy with a demonstrated history of working in freight forwarding and supply chain industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Operations Management, Supply Chain Optimization, Import and freight.

My mission is to help people to take the right decision in transport and to get a clear picture of all costs involved in cargo shipping. You need a budget and forecast? You are in the right place for analyse and evaluate performance vs cost relative to the market.

Competition is very high and for this reason, all companies needs to provide best service/products with the lowest possible costs. I’m sure that you are using best forwarders / agents, but, from my experience I can tell you, in time, they are trying to increase rates for a specific traffic (BAF/CAF/FAF implementation, local charges increase, new taxes etc).

Maybe your ocean pricing team is comfortable to work with one forward, who gave them best rates once. This manner will give the FF the opportunity for raise the rates, without you ever know.

I can help you to verify if your FF still provide best rates , if your pricing team is doing their job properly and how much cost you can save.

Usually when you need some sea rates, you are getting in contact with a Freight Forwarder (FF).

FF will revert to you with the requested rates, but with its profit included. Even you are requested rates from several FFs, the costs will not be NET costs.

What cost do I...

  • Monthly Three questions: 30 EUR
  • Monthly Six questions: 50 EUR
  • Monthly subscription: 100 EUR (unlimited questions)
  • Project: negotiation


  • You will get real NET costs for shipping.
  • You will get the real transit time Door to door, Door to Port, Port to door, Port to Port.


  1. Type of transport required.
  2. Type of container required.
  3. Documents needed for export/import.
  4. Bill of Lading.
  5. Custom issues .
  6. Port charges/storages/demurrages.

Solutions for

  • Door to Door (DTD)
  • Door to Port (DTP)
  • Port to Door (PTD)
  • Port to Port (PTP)

Contact Info

  • Sea Transport Consultancy
  • Bucharest, Romania
  • Email: Web analytics